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Phlebology Review - 100% Pass Guarantee 


100% Pass Guarantee:

Phlebology Review offers a 100% pass guarantee* on our practice exam bundles.

Dr. Karamanoukian hand-picked the very best questions to simulate the ABVLM Certification exam.  We stand by our Phlebology Review questions 100%. If you don’t pass, we offer a free subscription for the length of time that you originally purchased. We will provide access as many times as you need to pass your certification or board examination.


*The pass guarantee does not apply to single test purchases.


How to claim your 100% Pass Guarantee:

If you do not pass your ABVLM certification exam after using our practice exam bundles, please email us a copy of the letter/notice you received that you did not pass to  We will verify the notice, issue you access to the review exams, and remove any record of the letter that you sent us.  We stand by our 100% Pass Guarantee.


Please use the contact us form to start this process.

We appreciate any feedback, comments, or questions.

Technical Support

Thank you for submitting your Pass Guarantee form. We will start your review process shortly.

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