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Registered Phlebology Sonographer (RPhS)

RPhS Certification Practice Exam

Our RPhS Practice Test was developed by Hratch L Karamanoukian, MD FACS RVT RPVI RPhS.  He is an expert in exam prep and board review.  The diverse body of knowledge of Phlebology and Sonography in our review exams is appropriate for the RPhS Certification examinations.


Our RPhS certification practice exam is intended to simulate the real exam with 160 questions.

The practice exam content and number of questions represents the five major groups of topics and their

respective percent of content on the RPhS certification exam. Our exam will provide you an idea of the type

of questions you will see during the actual exam.  There is a review section following each exam that includes the answers with references to all of the questions.

Our new and improved RPhS Practice Exams


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